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The district of Avsallar was established in the 13th century. Avsallar is an old residential area. Sequently lived here the Lydier, Romans, Anatolic Seljuks and the Ottoman Rulers.  At  1986 Avsallar got a city council.

The local population of Avsallar amounts 15.000 and in summertime grows this quantity up to 50.000. At Avsallar live currently circa 2.000 Europeans as owners of houses and apartments. Avsallar is one of the first places, where tourism started in Turkey.  Particularly in the last 15 years Avsallar has parallel  to the development of tourism also dazzling urban development. Within spitting distance are to be found hotels like Rubi, Ozkaymak, Yalihan, Aspendos, Myhome, Justiniano (5 star hotels) also big shopping malls und shops. In the shopping malls of Avsallar you will find several markets, restaurants, bars, discotheques, jeweller’s shops, leather goods etcetera.

The distance of Avsallar to the international airport of Antalya is 85 km, to Manavgat  25 km, to Side 30 km, to Belek 45 km and to Alanya  20 km. Avsallar is a juncture between with spruces covered Taurus Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. Because of this attribute you will find here the typical mediterranean climate. Here the sun shines 300 days at the year and the average annual temperature is 25 Grad C and the temperature of the sea 20 Grad C.  Here never falls snow!  It is possible to swim in the sea at 365 days/year. Avsallar has a coastal area of 5 km and the most beautiful beaches of Turkey you will find here.

All infrastructure accomodations of the town like electricity, streets, water, drains etc. are already completed. The development of the building sector became noticeable also at Avsallar in the last five years. In this area have been built reams of luxury apartments and villas. At Avsallar it is permitted to build up to 7 stories.   Because of the house buildings in this area you have a good view to the sea, mountains and woods.  This town between green woods and blue sea has got an excellent reputation regarding the contruction side.

This dinky town at the mediterranean sea, where you will feel at home, will satisfy all your  needs as sea, sand, sun, shopping, promenades, amusement etc.  The hospitable habitants of Avsallar wait on their european friends.   

The lovely town of Avsallar is ideally located on Turkey’s Mediterranean Coast, guaranteeing plenty of warm sunny days spent in superb surroundings with shops, bars and fine restaurants close at hand. Whether you want to relax on one of two soft sandy beaches, do some shopping or explore one of the cradles of civilisation, Avsallar has it all. Once you’ve been here, you’ll be hooked.

Reasons to choose Avsallar

Reason One: Once Avsallar has everything you need including a wide range of shops, a well equipped hospital and a Turkish Bath where you can indulge in treatments that are out of this world.

Reason Two: Two wonderful Blue Flag beaches with the softest sand and clean, clear water, perfect for swimming or learning a new water sport.

Reason Three: The mediterranean climate is good for your health, promising warm sunny days for most of the year with incredibly mild winters.

Reason Four: Quick and easy to get to, less than an 1 hour from Antalya’s airport, a short 3 – 4 hours flight from the UK.

Reason Five: MASA promises the lowest prices on a range of hand picked properties, so you get the new life you dreamed about, with less stress.

Sun, Sand and Raki Life in Avsallar can be as relaxing or as active as you like. By day you can lie on the beach reading another good book or take a hike up into the foothills of the Taurus Mountains for some great photounities.

Therapy, Turkish style Indulge in a spot of retail therapy at the shops along the coast road or on a trip to Alanya where you can spend an hour or more haggling in the bazaar. When you’ve finished, call into the Turkish Bath at Avsallar to recharge your batteries on hot marble slabs and a pleasurable soapy massage to soothe those aching bones.

Things to do, in and around Avsallar

-Take a walk or horse ride through the nearby pine forests, some of those go right down to the beach.

-Soak up some culture at an open air concert at the ancient Aspendos theatre near Belek.

-Take a trip to Aqualand water park for great fun shooting down the flumes.

-Play a game of tennis in town or go to the beach for some windsurfing, snorkelling or scuba diving.

Hop on a dolmus to Antalya and visit the museum to see the Hall of Gods.

Quick Fact:The word “turquoise” is said to be derived from the beautiful colour of the Mediterranean Sea on the Turkish coast.

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